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Rubber Components
From grommet, bellows to gaskets, find many kinds of rubber components here at Anurag Moulding Private Limited. The company manufactures this line from different plastics, such as EPDM.
Rubber Seals
Anurag Moulding Private Limited is a name to trust when it comes to buying rubber seals. These seals are mainly used in mechanical equipment to create air tight barrier in order to prevent air/heat loss.
Rubber Bellows
The polymer made rubber bellows are flexible and durable components which can be readily compressed and extended. Customers can buy this type of component in several sizes and shapes.
Rubber 'O' Rings
Search and find right size rubber 'O' rings at Anurag Moulding Private Limited. These components are demanded mainly by manufacturing industries in their products, such as engines and automobiles.
Rubber Washer
If you want to lower the noise that mechanical devices make, then try to use a rubber washer between parts. This rubber component can work wonders when it comes to reducing spreading of vibration.
Automotive Plastic Components
Come to us to meet your requirement for automotive plastic components. The components displayed are a mere display of our work; customers can come to us with their desired component requirements.
Automotive Rubber Components
Many components are used in the automotive sector made from plastic, metals and rubber. Our company serves automotive sector with standard and bespoken automotive rubber components.
Customized Rubber Components
Manufacturing bespoke components from rubber is not everyone's specialization. Our company has professionals working to create both, standard and customized rubber components for clients.
Industrial Rubber Components
Rubber components are utilized in many industrial sectors in the production processes. Our company manufactures industrial rubber components on order.
Engineering Plastic Components
Our company has professionals expert in the production of plastic components. Latest techniques are followed for the manufacturing of engineering plastic components
Plastic Injection Moulded Components
Plastic injection moulding is a production method that is carried out to produce different plastic injection moulded components in-house. The components are produced in different shapes, colors and dimensions.
PTFE Components
PTFE is a material that is utilized for the production of different components. The components get the properties from the material, such as high density and resistance to chemicals, weathering and high temperatures.

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